Mental Health Week October 5th – 12th 2014 

World Mental Health Day – October 10th

World Mental Health Day is on October 10th every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and organising efforts in support of mental health.

The Day provides an opportunity for all stakeholders working on mental health issues to talk about their work, and what more needs to be done to make psychological well-being a a reality for people worldwide.

As many as one in five Australians may develop a mental illness at some stage in their lives. Everyone is vulnerable to mental health problems. It affects people regardless of age, culture, education or income. Mental Health Week aims to educate, activate and engage people about mental health through a week of interactive events including an official launch, community festivals, art exhibitions, music, theater and seminars.

At Adelaide Psychological Services, our psychologists are skilled in providing evidence based therapy for a wide range of psychological issues. If you would like to discuss making an appointment to see one of our psychologists, call our receptionist today on 8295 4150.

If you would like to get involved in community based events from October 2nd to 12th, visit the Mental Health Coalition of South Australia website for more information.

Other useful websites are Mental Health Australia  and  SA Health.