Postnatal Depression Awareness Week 16 – 22 November

Postnatal Depression Awareness Week 16 – 22 November


Prenatal / antenatal and postnatal depression affects many mothers and fathers. The emotions and experiences couples will encounter when they find out they are expecting a baby, can vary greatly.

Up to 1 in 10 Australian women experience depression during pregnancy. This increases to 1 in 7 new mums in the year following birth and 1 in 20 new dads.

Beyond Blue reports that Anxiety is even more common. The perinatal period covers pregnancy until 12 months after birth.

Having anxiety is common, but having depression and anxiety is not a normal part of having a baby. Postnatal depression and anxiety can take its toll on all family members.

Our psychologists Gemma Johnson and Olga Papadopoulos provide therapy and treatment to women and couples who are experiencing perinatal and postnatal issues and complications arising from childbirth and pregnancy loss.

Olga and Gemma also provide treatment for a wide range of women’s issues and couples counselling.


PANDA, Post and Antenatal Depression Association Inc. has some useful information and fact sheets. Visit PANDA website.

Sands: miscarriage, stillbirth and newborn death support has online resources available. Visit Sands website.


For more information, call our receptionist on 8295 4150.


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