Psychological Diversion Programme

Psychological Diversion Programme


Adelaide Psychological Services provides a psychological diversion programme for workers who are considering lodging either a WorkCover claim or a complaint to the Fair Work Commission for bullying and harassment.

The Psychological Diversion Programme provides independent assessment and advice to:

  • assess the nature of the worker’s complaint to clarify the balance of personal and workplace issues
  • identify a worker’s strengths in dealing with issues
  • recommend mediation and conflict resolution to resolve workplace issues
  • recommend teaching of coping skills for personal issues


 The Psychological Diversion Programme is provided to individual workers in three sessions.  Sessions can be funded by an employer, a worker, or by WorkCover.


 The Psychological Diversion program aims to:

  • focus on recovery from injury rather than on industrial issues or compensation
  • maintain workers in their current workplace
  • help those workers who want to change work to identify this option
  • minimise escalation of disputes
  • identify barriers to resolving disputes
  • reduce maladaptive coping
  • improve a worker’s negotiation skills
  • separate personal issues from workplace issues


Coping Skills

The Psychology Diversion Programme may recommend that a worker participate in a further programme to develop personal coping skills.  Personal development programmes may be funded privately, by a medicare referral, or by WorkCover.

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