Rehabilitation Psychology


Rehabilitation Psychology

Adelaide Psychological Services provides a rehabilitation psychology approach for clients with psychological injuries due to work or other accidents.

A rehabilitation approach is based on a professional assessment of psychological conditions and impairment, followed by therapy that aims for full recovery so that the person returns to their previous functioning. Rehabilitation psychologists cooperate with mediators when this is required.



Rehabilitation therapy provides education to a client about the nature of a condition, leading to self management.  Clients are given a copy of any reports provided to other parties so that they are aware of changes and to remain informed and in control of their own treatment.  Of course, treatment that is funded by insurers must follow guidelines set by the insurer.



Rehabilitation psychologists work collaboratively with other professionals in a health care team approach. Our psychologists aim at getting clients back at work, when they have sufficiently recovered from their injury.  After assessing a client, a rehabilitation psychologist is able to provide mediators with a report that describes issues concerning the client. Providing this information helps mediators and clients to reach agreed goals and to ensure that efforts of all parties are coordinated.



If a client continues to experience impairment following therapy, this is recognised in a treatment report.  Recommendations may be made to interested parties in a treatment report.



We welcome referrals from GP’s that includes both a general referral and a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan to ensure there are no obstacles in commencing therapy.