Our Psychiatrists are:

Dr. Yara Khedr, (Telehealth)

Telehealth Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

With an experience in working with 0-18yo. Dr. Khedr is passionate about working with children, parents, and families. She uses different psychotherapy frameworks including dyadic and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Dr. Khedr has broad experience in working with children and Adolescents with mood disorders, psychotic disorders, PTSD, Attachment disorder, Autism and ADHD. Dr. Khedr welcomes referrals for Children and Adolescents for assessments and medication reviews when required.

Dr. Khedr can provide neuro-developmental assessments in collaboration with the allied health team.

Dr Yara Khedr sessions are all via telehealth video call.

Dr. Susy Mathew (Telehealth)

Consultant Geriatric Psychiatrist (Telehealth)
MBBS (India) MMed (Psych) (Malaysia), FRANZCP (Australia)

Susy is now accepting referrals for assessment and review for older person’s mental health, including depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, and dementia.

Comprehensive Psychiatric assessments.

Susy welcomes a broad range of referrals for assessment and review in older patients, and those experiencing the cognitive impairment.

Susy’s expertise lies primarily in the area of late life depression/anxiety and cognitive impairment. Susy’s experience lies both in public and private settings, having treated thousands of patients from various cultural backgrounds. This experience has equipped her with many therapeutic insights into late life mental health issues and neurodegenerative diseases.

Susy’s has experience in the diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) as well as methods that can help individuals prevent or delay the development of a neurodegenerative disease. Her approach primarily focuses on lifestyle choices – including exercises, diet, and the optimisation of other treatable health issues etc. Susy believes that life style choices are the key to a healthy older age. In addition to preventing cognitive decline, her approach factors in these choices which are also key in preventing mental illness in older people.

Susy welcomes appropriate referrals through Medicare or privately. If you wish to discuss the suitability of a referral please feel free to call Adelaide Psychological Services on 08 82954150 and speak with Sally or Claire.

A comprehensive assessment typically take around 4 sessions, of which one will likely involve a family member, partner or adult child.

Upon completion of the comprehensive assessment therapeutic recommendations will be made and further support is available through our team of psychologists as appropriate.

Dr Mathew’s sessions are all via telehealth video call.