Work related injuries

Our rehabilitation psychologists provide therapy and liaise with rehabilitation coordinators appointed by the insurer.  We collaborate with other members of the client’s professional health team and we liaise with workplaces as required.

We provide both early intervention for workers who struggle to maintain their roles, and rehabilitation for workers who have left the workplace.

We address issues raised in the referral, as well as issues identified in our structured assessment the Psycho-social Flag Screen.

We provide a proposed psychological treatment plan to the insurer and coordinating GP, following an initial assessment.

If a worker has been seriously traumatised, we provide focused therapy before recommending return-to-work.

We follow the principles in the Clinical Framework for the Delivery of Health Services.  We are accountable to the appointed case manager.



Our primary aim is to achieve durable return to work to the same employer and same type of work. Our current success rate in achieving this aim is over 90%.


Levels of Difficulty

We find that different numbers of sessions are required to achieve the aim for clients at different levels of assessed severity.  The number of sessions required to achieve goals is: 12 sessions for workers with mild difficulties; up to 24 sessions for workers with moderate difficulties; and over 30 sessions for workers with severe difficulties.

We assess level of difficulty using both:

  • Psycho-social Flag Screen
  • Personality Assessment Instrument

A comprehensive report is provided to an insurer if requested.


Provisional Liability

We commence therapy on receipt of a WorkCover medical certificate signed by a GP.  We understand that the WorkCover legislation encourages health providers to commence therapy promptly to enhance successful return to work.  Under the provisional liability clause, therapy can begin while waiting for a claim to be determined by the insurer.

A copy of our Third Party policy is available from the receptionist.