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Welcome Sarah Kordick to the Team


Adelaide Psychological Services welcome Sarah Kordick to the team.

Sarah has relocated from Cairns where she operated her own private practice.

Sarah has experience working with parents, couples, children, both as individuals and groups.

She has a special interest in depression, anxiety, perinatal mental health, grief and loss, parenting issues, behavioural problems, addiction, relationship problems, interpersonal issues, managing emotions, anger management, sleep problems and motivational issues.

Sarah integrates a range of approaches including cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative therapy, schema therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and motivational interviewing.

If you would like information on the services we provide, please call our receptionist today on 8295 4150.

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Adolescent Anxiety and Early Intervention

With ever increasing access to the world through social media our children are more exposed to the ugly side of the world than ever before.

The Guardian in the UK reports that a major British children’s charity has released research stating that an increasing number of our children are concerned over world events and this is their primary cause of anxiety.

Recent figures show a 35% uplift in contacts by children and teenagers to counselling services in the past 12 months alone.

At Adelaide Psychological we believe in Early Intervention Psychology, and our psychologists are experienced in working with teenagers who are showing the early signs of anxiety.

We believe that prevention is far better than cure when it comes to mental health.

World events can be upsetting, frightening and overwhelming to teenagers and we need to help our kids build a better resilience to cope with this new world.

If you or your child is struggling to find healthy coping strategies or want to make sure you have these in place, then we can help.

Ask us about Early Intervention Psychology.




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World Mental Health Day 10th October 2016

World Mental Health Day (WMHD) October 10th

World Mental Health Day is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy.  An initiative of the world federation for mental health, WMHD is an annual program to raise public awareness of mental health issues worldwide.

As many as one in five Australians may develop a mental illness at some stage in their lives. Everyone is vulnerable to mental health problems. It affects people regardless of age, culture, education or income.

This year’s theme ‘Dignity in Mental Health-Psychological & Mental Health First Aid for All’ will enable us to contribute to the goal of taking mental health out of the shadows so that people in general feel more confident in tackling the stigma, isolation and discrimination that continues to plague people with mental health conditions, their families and carers.

This year, the focus is on what keeps us mentally fit. How do we build resilience, practice mindfulness and foster good thoughts and feelings? Let’s strike up the conversation. –

At Adelaide Psychological Services, our psychologists are skilled in providing evidence based therapy for a wide range of psychological issues. Our psychologists have expertise in mental illness associated with workplace issues, parenting to minimise mental health issues in children, woman’s issues and a wide range of other conditions.   On our website find a psychologist that would suit your needs and start the conversation today.

If you would like to discuss making an appointment call our receptionist on 8295 4150.

See more at: http://www.mhcsa.org.au/mental-health-week-is-coming/#sthash.FundnmrV.dpuf



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