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Postnatal Depression


Are you a new Mother struggling with Postnatal Depression (PND)?  Are you struggling to navigate through the wave of emotions that are unique to new Mums?


Adelaide Psychological Services offers new (and existing) Mums a range of therapies to deal with:

  • Coping with mood changes
  • Dealing with negative thinking
  • Post Natal Depression
  • Trauma after childbirth
  • Unexpected complications in childbirth
  • Grief after pregnancy loss
  • Relationship changes
  • Coping with change including maternity leave
  • Social isolation
  • Adjusting to parenthood


New mothers may also experience stress and tension within their relationships and men can suffer from Postnatal Depression too. 

Call us today to make an appointment with Gemma, or to speak with our receptionist for more information.

Our Women’s Health & Pregnancy brochure has more information. 

PANDA Post and Antenatal Depression Association, has some helpful factsheets on Post Natal and Antenatal Depression. 


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