Couples Therapy and Marriage Counselling


Couples Therapy and Marriage Counselling


Couples Therapy and Marriage Counselling provided by skilled relationship psychologists has been shown to be effective in preventing breakups, while improving communication and harmony.

We have both female and male psychologists who are trained in relationship therapy. At Adelaide Psychological Services, we provide a safe and skilled environment for couples to talk about their difficulties and worries. The more couples practice discussing their emotional tensions, the sooner they make progress.

Our psychologists are committed to helping clients using established psychological interventions, they are relaxed and friendly people you will enjoy meeting again and they teach skills that last a lifetime.

If marital / relationship tensions lead to anxiety or depression, then you may eligible to receive Medicare rebates for therapy, under a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan.

If the aim of therapy is to revitalise a relationship, with no depressive symptoms, it’s not covered under Medicare, however some private health funds provide rebates.

For more information or to make an appointment, phone our receptionist on 8295 4150.

Relationships Australia is a helpful website, for those interested in some reading materials 


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