Child Psychiatry

The mental well-being of a child or adolescent can be impacted by various factors, including family dynamics, school experiences, and life events. The number of children and teenagers diagnosed with a mental health disorder in Australia has increased, with approximately one in seven now affected.

At APS, we provide the highest standard of treatment and service for children and adolescents requiring psychiatric care. We offer comprehensive psychiatric assessments, giving you a total overview of your child’s mental health that, once completed, provides you with a diagnosis and treatment plan.

To start this process, simply contact us to speak to Sally, our dedicated admin point of contact. Sally will walk you through the process going forwards.

Our Child Psychiatrist’s

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Dr Ettore Guaia is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with thirty-five years experience in Australia, the UK and Italy.

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About Adelaide Psychological Services

Who We Are

Adelaide Psychological Services is a group psychology and psychiatry practice. With over 15 years of serving our local community, we’re passionate about mental health.

We offer assessment and therapy to adults, children, teens, couples and families. We help our clients build upon their strengths so they can learn to better manage their symptoms, current stresses and relationships so they can get the most out of their lives.

Client Testimonials

“APS have been the most amazing support. Both my kids attend needed to be assessed by a psychiatrist and they made the process easy, comfortable and the kids felt very comfortable. Finding APS has been an absolute life saver for my family.”

“Finding help for me teen daughter was a real challenge until we found APS. They offered her a choice of psychologist, and took the time to make sure she was with the right person. We have seen such great results and now we know we can get help whenever we need.”

“As a parent of teenagers you really worry about mental health. Recently we found we really needed some help. APS we amazing. They got us in quickly, matched my daughter with a great psychologist and made the whole thing so normal and easy. Highly recommend them.”

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