Are you depressed, stressed, anxious, or worried? We can help. Our understanding psychologists offer expert and effective therapy for children, adolescents, adults, families and couples presenting with a wide range of issues.

If you suffer from a chronic illness, or pain or have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or workplace injury, then our rehabilitation psychologists can help. Our rehabilitation psychologists help people with a disabling condition to focus on what they are still able to do, and not to become over-preoccupied with losses.

Our relationship and marriage counsellors provide both individual and couple therapy for distressed couples.  We encourage both members of a couple to work on relationships by communicating calmly about difficulties, while listening to concerns raised by their partner.  Individual therapy is appropriate when reading standard self-help texts has not provided solutions.

Do you seek skilled advice on managing a child’s emotional or behavioural difficulties, or agreeing with your partner about suitable child-rearing methods?  Our child psychologists are trained to provide advice suited to you and your child’s temperament.