What We Do

Seeking help for your child? You’re in the right place. We offer a full range of child and adolescent psychology and psychiatry support through assessment and therapy.

Autism, ADHD, school refusal, learning difficulties, anxiety and depression. Mental health issues are more prevalent in kids and teens than ever before. Without early psychological treatment, mental health conditions become more entrenched. Which is why early intervention is so important in helping your child learn lifelong tools and strategies in coping with the challenges they face.

Our highly trained child psychologists specialise in understanding the thoughts and actions of kids and teens to help them interpret and help resolve issues that are causing emotional and behavioural problems.

As parents, no one hands you the manual about how to teach your children how to cope with the many challenges they face like stress, anxiety, bullying, and poor body image, to name but a few. Our highly trained team of caring psychologists are here to give you and your kids the professional support you both need, helping you thrive, have better relationships with family and friends and help your child achieve their true potential.

Services We Offer

  • Assessments
  • Groups
  • Psychology
  • Psychiatry


We offer a wide range of psychological assessments for both children and teens. Assessments provide an important insight into a child’s learning, social and behavioural development.

As a parent, it can be a confusing time understanding what assessments are available and which are going to be of benefit to your child. You may have been recommended your child take an assessment for a variety of reasons, they may be depressed or anxious, have difficulty paying attention and/or be showing behavioural problems at home and school. Depending on your circumstance and which assessment/s are recommended, this will provide you with a diagnosis and/or identify any learning difficulties and, where appropriate a diagnosis is given.

By identifying where your child’s strengths are and what their needs are through the assessment process, your practitioner will provide you with a clear report and recommend a treatment plan going forward to support your child and your family.

Assessments we offer for children and teens include: Dual Autism, ADHD, Educational and Cognitive, Speech and Language, Giftedness assessments.


Individual therapy is an important process to help teens explore their feelings, overcome any fears and help their overall mood. However, this environment doesn’t give them the opportunity to really put these new ways of thinking into practice. According to the Journal of Clinical Child Psychology, group therapy for adolescents is actually more effective than individual therapy alone and gives better outcomes when done together.

Our group sessions will support individual therapy by giving your teens the opportunity to improve their relationships and communication skills within a group environment as well as being able to help them manage their moods, deal with their emotions, address problem behaviours and engage in effective problem solving. Group situations also allow clients to feel less isolated and alone on their journey through mental health. Our highly qualified facilitator is able to see the social behaviours in action and allows a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space to gain invaluable insights and self reflection into their behaviours and thoughts.

Our group therapy courses are based on Dialectal Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and run by our highly skilled Psychologist, Emma Tattersall, who has vast experience in working with teens in both one to one and group environments.

These groups will provide each participant with greatly improved social skills, more self confidence, improved communication skills, better relationships and a toolkit for managing stress and anxiety.


We tailor our therapy sessions according to the age of your child so that they and you can get the best outcomes possible.

For children 11 years and under we start with you, the parent or caregiver. In this initial consultation, you are able to download one to one with your therapist and allow a thorough background history to be taken. From there we will look to engage your child and work with them through a combination of talking and therapy through play. A typical session with younger children may involve a combination of working with your child one to one focussing on a specific topic or activity and some sessions you will join in at the beginning or end. We encourage you to discuss this with your therapist and will always be guided by your child. You will usually be given a few minutes at the end of a session to go through homework and strategies for you to go away and work through as a family.

Our therapy sessions for 12 years and over are led by them. We take the time to build a rapport with our teenage clients to build a strong relationship which is key to them being able to explore their feelings and behaviours in these turbulent years. Your teen will be able to take the time in this transitional stage of their lives into adulthood to navigate the social and personal challenges they face and deal with trauma and life-altering experiences using proven talking interventions. Your teen will be able to use this opportunity to explore positive growth and development.


We provide the highest standard of treatment and service for children and adolescents requiring psychiatric care. We offer comprehensive psychiatric assessments which give you a total overview of your child’s mental health that, once completed, provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan.

This comprehensive psychiatric assessment is typically four sessions and we involve both children and parents along the way. Before we start we ask for a GP referral which gives us the chance to assess and make sure your child will benefit from our process.

Once the assessment is completed, you will be referred on to a member of our psychology team to continue your therapy journey. Our psychologists and psychiatrists work closely together to give you the best clinical outcomes possible.

Dr Khedr describes herself as a ‘low prescribing psychiatrist’ but at times medication is recommended. When medication is required Dr Khedr is happy to review medication as well as work alongside your GP for ongoing prescriptions and repeats.