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Seeking help for your child or teen?

Our supportive and highly trained team of child and adolescent psychologists and psychiatrist provide a full range of child and adolescent support through assessment and therapy.

We work hard in understanding the thoughts and actions of kids and teens, helping them interpret and resolve issues that are causing emotional and behavioural problems.

Our dedicated collective of psychological professionals are equipped to help you with every facet of your child’s mental health needs. From Autism, ADHD, school refusal, learning difficulties, anxiety and/or depression, we can help. We are ready and waiting for your call; we currently have no waitlist.

Get child psychological help today, we have no waitlist

How does child psychology work? How can it help you and your child?

Childhood is a critical period of development, and our team understands the unique psychological needs of children. We offer age-appropriate interventions that are tailored to your child’s specific needs, helping them build resilience, develop positive coping mechanisms, and overcome emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Adolescence is a time of immense change, as young people transition from childhood to adulthood. Our team has extensive experience working with adolescents, and we understand the challenges they face. We offer a safe and supportive space for teenagers to explore their thoughts and feelings, manage stress, and navigate complex relationships and life transitions.

Teenagers are dealing with a range of issues as they begin to assert their independence and establish their own identity. Our practice offers a range of evidence-based therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy, that can help teenagers manage anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and behavioral issues.

At our practice, we believe that every child and teenager deserves the opportunity to thrive. We offer a compassionate, non-judgmental approach that is tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Whether you are seeking support for your child or teenager, or you are a teenager seeking support for yourself, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your mental health and well-being.

Get child psychiatric help today, we have no waitlist

Does your child require psychiatric assistance?

We provide the highest standard of treatment and service for children and adolescents requiring psychiatric care.

We offer comprehensive psychiatric assessments which give you a total overview of your child’s mental health. Once completed, we will provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our psychologists and psychiatrists work closely together to give you the best clinical outcomes possible.

We ask for a GP referral before requesting child psychiatric assessment. 

Client Testimonials

“APS have been the most amazing support. Both my kids attend needed to be assessed by a psychiatrist and they made the process easy, comfortable and the kids felt very comfortable. Finding APS has been an absolute life saver for my family.”

“Finding help for me teen daughter was a real challenge until we found APS. They offered her a choice of psychologist, and took the time to make sure she was with the right person. We have seen such great results and now we know we can get help whenever we need.”

“As a parent of teenagers you really worry about mental health. Recently we found we really needed some help. APS we amazing. They got us in quickly, matched my daughter with a great psychologist and made the whole thing so normal and easy. Highly recommend them.”

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