Chindhu Shunmugasundaram


B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Phil.

Chindhu is a registered psychologist who brings a warm but practical approach to her work. She has a passion for working with couples and individuals. She is empathetic, approachable, a great listener, understands each individual is different, does not follow a rigid schedule of treatment, is flexible in adapting treatment to a client’s characteristics, sensitive to cultural differences, and has an avid ambition to succeed. She has the ability to inspire her clients and empower them to overcome personal obstacles. Her goal setting is specific, manageable, positively oriented, and gripping.

Chindhu trained in India, with specialty training in psycho-oncology, and health. Her experience involves working with a range of population (children, adolescents, burns’ victims, abuse victims, couples going through divorce, patients with terminal illness and their carers) and issues (addiction, trauma, eating disorders, risk- taking behaviour, psychological distress, body image disturbances, and grief). She held an academic teaching position in Psychology in India, and moved to Australia to pursue her PhD in Psychology (Research).