Our Psychiatrists are:

Dr. Yara Khedr,

Telehealth Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

With an experience in working with 0-18yo. Dr. Khedr is passionate about working with children, parents, and families. She uses different psychotherapy frameworks including dyadic and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Dr. Khedr has broad experience in working with children and Adolescents with mood disorders, psychotic disorders, PTSD, Attachment disorder, Autism and ADHD. Dr. Khedr welcomes referrals for Children and Adolescents for assessments and medication reviews when required.

Dr. Khedr can provide neuro-developmental assessments in collaboration with the allied health team.

Dr Essam Sahan

TeleHealth Psychiatry

Dr Essam Sarhan, consultant psychiatrist, works across a range of disorders including Acute Stress Disorder, Adjustment Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression Spectrum, Bipolar Affective Disorder and Schizophrenia Spectrum.

Dr Sarhan is also a certified CBT therapist by Academy of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies (USA). He a has CBT background and experience working as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

Dr Sarhan welcomes referrals for adults and adolescents for assessment, therapy and review across this range of presenting issues. He also welcomes referrals for children for assessment and medication review. He is equipped to provide these services where telepsychiatry is deemed appropriate. Where therapeutic intervention for children is required, this can be offered by one of our team of psychologists.

Referrals to Dr Sarhan can be made under Work Cover or Medicare as appropriate.